Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Graveyard

Every so often inspiration comes and kicks me in the groin. It gives me an idea so awesomely brilliant that it is all I can think about. I obsess about this idea. I gather mounds of reference, do tons of sketches, and ready myself to make illustration history. And then I am distracted by something shiny and completely forget about the hours of work I have just put in, and the idea goes to what I guess is best described as my idea graveyard. I have decided to post a few of these forgotten ideas that made it so far as the thumbnail or preliminary sketch phase, in hopes that through some voodoo magic I may get the urge to bring them back from the dead. Enjoy!

This was one of my favorite ideas that never made it to finish. I was so excited until everyone told me it was too random. Too random? I thought that was what made it funny....

Test tube babies...get it? Get it!?

I have about a zillion photos of swimmers in goggles because of this one...

Look a giant robot head...This one actually made it to the illustration board, but then I decided I was doing too many robot paintings. I now know there is no such thing as "too many" robot paintings.