Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Thursday Show or "Why I Have Umpteen Pictures of Doughnuts and Octopi on my Desktop"

OO-DA-LOLLY! I'm gonna have myself a paint'n in a show at Floating World Comics this upcoming first Thursday! Check out the poster with my art on it:

I gotta say there are few things more satisfying than painting doughnuts and octo-somethings. For more info on the show go to Floating World Comics web site ( or MySpace page ( See ya there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Booze and Biozombies

Let me start by explaining why exactly I'm posting about beer on an illustration blog. Well, for starters, it's because I can. Secondly, it's a well known fact that all illustrators love beer, and thus I consider it a sacred duty to share this experience with my fellow drawerers. Whats that you say? You're an illustrator who doesn't like beer and you resent being lumped in with the rest of us borderline alcoholics? CURSES UPON YOUR HEAD, ye vile abomination! Slither back to the pit whence ye spawned and trouble me no more!

Anywhooo, back to the beer. On a recent trip to the neighborhood booze hut to visit a friend, I was pointed in the direction of Ale Smith Brewing's "Speedway Stout", which has apparently been rated "BEST BEER IN THE WORLD" three years running. I had never heard of this beer, but at that moment I knew that no matter how much wealth, power, and love I amassed in my life, I would die a bitter and unsatisfied man if I did not try this beer. That being said, me and Erin (my lady friend to those not in know) purchased the one bottle allowed per customer and trotted home in a giddy stupor.

So was this beer the end all, be all of beers? Did it take me levels of beervana before unknownst to the mortal coil? Was it indeed, the best beer I had ever tasted?

Short answer: No. Now don't get me wrong, it was a great beer and at 12% apv, totally worth the somewhat hefty price. Still, it wasn't anywhere near what I would call the best beer in the world, and it tasted pretty much like any other uber-powerful stout. My disappointment, however, was quickly doused by the fact that it got me trashed and allowed me the poor judgment to finally watch Biozombie; a Chinese horror (?) movie we picked up at the library, featuring optional English or Engrish subtitles and zombies eating sushi. Not exactly the life changing night I'd hoped for, but still pretty damn awesome.