Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rose City Comic Con and the Mid-20s Mutant Hipster Turtles

If you happen to be in Portland this weekend, and you also happen to be a nerd like me, you should stop by my table at Rose City Comic Con (Sept 19-20 at the convention center)! I'll be in the artist alley at table O15, and you can find me on the map here: http://rosecitycomiccon.com/artist-alley/.

Since I haven't done a con in a while, I wanted to do something a little special so I am happy to present my homage to my childhood: The Mid-Twenties Mutant Hipster Turtles!!!

Complete with generic hipster logo.

So what is a hipster? As far as I can tell "Hipster" is a term used by people to describe someone who is younger, cooler, and better dressed than they are, but you know, as a negative. Hipsters come in many styles, so I decided to use the boys to highlight some arbitrary attributes found across our fair nation. Without further ado, here they are:

-Exclusively drinks PBR and well whiskey.
-Jeans are so skinny he regularly loses circulation to his feet.
-Listens to a lot of music...Which bands?
Oh, you've probably never heard of them...

-Wears glasses. Has 20/20 vision.
-Emergency preparedness kit consists mainly of more skinny ties.
- Thinks you might be interested in supporting his new start up,
but doesn't think you'll understand what it does.

-His collection of artisanal plaid rivals the Pendleton factory store.
-Exclusively drinks craft beer in public, but secretly has a case of Oly in his fridge.
-Hooked up his tall bike to generate electricity for his heirloom tomato grow lab.

-Still says "Dude" and "Radical"....ironically.
-Still wears graphic tees of '80s cartoons...ironically.
-Hasn't actually changed at all since the '80s...ironically?

So there you have them! I'll have prints of each turtle, plus my other work, and if all goes as planned a special display, but you'll have to stop by to check it out. If the turtles aren't enough to bring you by, check out the rest of the Rose City Comic Con site because there are a ton of other amazing artists and awesome attractions (Princess Leia will be there!) so stop by, say hi and stay Rad dude!