Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Rocky Horror Show!

The Pioneer Theater Company in SLC, Utah contacted me earlier this month to produce a playbill for their upcoming concert version of The Rocky Horror Show! I've been teasing this one on my Instagram for a while so I'm excited to present the final:

This was a really fun project but presented some interesting challenges. Because the actors hadn't been selected yet, we needed a composition that didn't focus too much on their faces, and because the image was going to be used not only as a playbill, but in ads and promotional material, we needed something that could be cropped in several different ways. After going through some sketches, we settled on this one with Frank's leg as the main character. I also painted the type separately, so each word could be resized and moved depending on the theater's needs. In the end I was really excited to delve back into my love of retro camp and produce a playbill that looks pretty rad!