Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Awesomely Grosstastic

Last Tuesday, while waiting in an extremely long line for a free slice of pizza at Escape from New York's anniversary celebration, I had the great pleasure of meeting one of the most influential illustrators for kids in the '80s. His name is Tomas Bunk and he was one of the original and principal illustrators for the Garbage Pail Kids. Yes that's right: Those disgustingly awesome trading cards you used to secretly collect and swap with friends in the shadowy recesses of the hallway. Basically the closest thing to contraband a ten-year-old could get their hands on, the GPK elicited only slightly less fascination than an older brother's pilfered porno mags.

Anyway, Tom is a god damned legend if you ask me. In fact I'd even call him an American hero, if he wasn't German. Best of all, he's still at it and is even going to have some illos in this upcoming Mad Magazine, a regular client of his. Check out some more of his work here:

Oh Yeah, and I also got to meet a llama named Rojo. Just goes to show you that waiting for an hour and a half to save yourself 2 bucks on a slice of pizza (despite the fact that an hour of work, even at minimum wage, would buy you at least 4 slices) can be totally worth it.