Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Thursday Recap

This First Thursday was a little more lax than usual and I didn't get around to quite as many galleries, but I did get to go to a few of my favorites and they didn't disappoint. Gigantic is showing some Beer inspired work, and were pouring a new Deschutes brew that was quite tasty. A great way to start the night. Right next door, Benjamin Benjamin is showing the work of Jimmy Pickering and I gotta say, as a whole, its one of the nicest looking shows I've seen in a long time. I had the pleasure of talking to Jimmy for a bit and his process is super interesting. I love his sculptures and custom frames. He has a few step by step walk-throughs on his blog so go check that out.

Cycloptic: Robin's Egg Blue by Jimmy Pickering

Moving downtown, Blue Sky, as always, had some killer photojournalism. The show that really struck me was of Colombian beauty pageants shot by Carl Bower and all the "interesting" stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Seeing this type of work really makes me want to get out there and do some real life inspired work. Maybe not reportage exactly, but something gritty and a bit edgy. Anyway the shots are stunning and fascinating. Everything I've come to expect from the artists shown at Blue Sky.

Miss Coffee By Carl Bower

Last but not least (and I totally mean that because this was by far my favorite show) the Compound is showing the work of Senjiro Nakata and Tadashi Ura. Both artists are great, but I think I'm in love with Senjiro . I'm a sucker for Asian ink style drawings, but his color palette and drawing style make my art heart hurt. Awesome-O-Opossum. The Whale image on the show's postcard is a good example of the awesomeness. There was also a ridiculously cool droopy looking elephant and as soon as I rob that bank...Eh-hem, I mean do some productive work that I shall get paid legitimately and handsomely for...I'll be back to snatch it up.

Karesansui Kujira by Senjiro Nakata

Well that is pretty much it. Portland has been really impressing me with the quality of the shows lately so keep it it! I didn't get a chance to hit the Lofts or much in the Pearl this time, so maybe I'll take another trip down there later this month. Till next time,

Love and Monkeys