Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Print Show

In need of gifts for those fancy pants friends who have everything? Well you should come down to Benjamin Benjamin and buy some of my prints at their December Print Show this First Thursday (Dec. 2nd)! I've loved the Benjamin Benjamin art gallery for some time now, and I'm super excited to be a part of it. If you've never had the pleasure of visiting Benjamin Benjamin (1720 NW Lovejoy, conveniently located right off the street car), you need to check them out, and not just because I'm in this show. The gallery has a great sense of humor (check out their upcoming show list) and offers a bit of everything. For this show I'll have some originals up and a ton of prints for sale. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Ok, so I know I posted the color comp a month ago but this really didn't take me that long...actually, besides some unexpected material mishaps (who knew unseen artist tape residue+ oil paint=NEVER DRYING), this didn't take nearly as long as I expected. This is the first pass at the color correction, but I wanted to get the final up ASAP. There is also a bit more at top that was cropped (about a 1/4in) in this version, but like I said, I wanted to get this up on the site before I was distracted by something shiny again. Enjoy!

UPDATE: posted the slightly better version without missing top part.