Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Entitled! (Updated)

Long time, no post! Sorry about that. I've been working on several projects, but I thought I'd post a sneak peak of some recently finished pieces which will be included in a group show at the Glyph cafe on Oct. 2nd.  The theme behind the show was to create pieces based on titles we pulled out of bags. I pulled "Need and Want" and "Mr Auduban finds the lesser bustard". Officially speaking I tweaked the second title to "Mr Audubon finds the lesser bustard (with his bike)"... Anyway, the cool thing about this show is that everything will be priced at $50, so it will be a great opportunity to pick up some awesome art on the cheap! Here are my entries:

You can also check out the Facebook page for more info and photos. I can't actually make it to the show :( so go enjoy and take photos for me!