Friday, April 5, 2013

Opsis Group Show Pics

Just a short post today. Here are some pictures from last night's "Underpinnings" show at Opsis, showcasing the work of some of the employees (myself included). It got pretty busy, but most of these are before the crowd showed up. Enjoy!

The spread!
Libby discusses her work.

Meagan admiring Sally's work.

Jason doing the same.

Other people!
The end!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Opsis Group Show

This First Thursday I'll have two pieces in the Opsis Architecture "Underpinnings" group show, showcasing the personal art of the office's employees. I spent the day hanging the show with some of my co-workers and I gotta say, it looks great! The people I work with are quite talented and it's exciting to see the type of work people do in their spare time. Here's the flyer I designed:

I didn't have time to do any new work, so I hung two "Johnny Classics." The first, "Keep Them Fighting!" you've probably seen before on this blog, but the second, "Progress" was done while I was still in school, and isn't even in my main portfolios on the site. It's still one of my favorites and I thought this would be a great reason to bring it out of hiding.

This painting is kinda my 'Magnum Opus' from college, and it actually made it into the professional show at the Society of Illustrators West  "Illustrators 44", in the unpublished category. Unfortunately the Society decided NOT to publish a book that year and put stuff online instead, thus denying me printed proof that my work once hung next to some of the coolest illustrators in the biz. Oh well. You can see it tomorrow at the opening so come on down and enjoy some wine and great art!