Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garage Sale WIN!

One of my favorite summer activities has to be visiting garage sales. I love the act of "finding" stuff, and I love great deals. Lately I've had some pretty sweet finds; An "Indian in the cupboard" type mini-cabinet, a vintage gasoline blow torch, and some cool prints. But today, I hit the art nerd motherload! A 1944 printing of Andrew Loomis's Figure Drawing: For All it's Worth. It is a bit worse for wear, but this has to be the best figure drawing book I've ever come across and the thing was ONLY 2 BUCKS! The drawing is stellar and because it's from 1944, the models are actually attractive! I've looked through it about 20 times since picking it up today and I find something new every time. I've decided to post a few pics to share the vintage awesomeness:

Sweet Cover!

Awesome outfits!

Because a lady would never pose nude without her heels....

When men were Men!

Anyway, you get the point. There are just so many incredible drawings and even more hyper detailed diagrams that it puts my other "how to draw the figure" books to shame. I'm going to put this book right next to them, and maybe they'll get their act together and be more useful (or just look even worse by comparison-whatever).

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