Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Seattle Weekly and Sexy Bezos ::UPDATED 11/9::

If you happen to be up in Seattle this week, and you happen to see a Seattle Weekly, I apologize for the pure sexyness you will be exposed to, for BEHOLD, in all his glory: SEXY JEFF BEZOS, CEO and resident stud muffin of Amazon!!!! ::Cue Hallelujahs::

I've been hinting at this painting a lot over the past week, because it has to be the most ridiculously hilarious thing I've ever painted. When Samantha, the AD at Seattle Weekly, approached me with the idea I was super excited. It was just so funny, and so random, that I pretty much fell in love (I mean who wouldn't right? Look at those abs!). After some initial research and roughs to refine the idea, I moved on to the reference photos...

Between the Rocky Horror piece a few months ago, Atlas and now this, a disturbing trend requiring me to take photos of myself in various stages of undress has emerged that I'm not really sure what to think about. But besides some slight humiliation (who am I kidding — I love it) this piece came together surprisingly easy. The deadline was short, exactly one week, which only left me 4 days to actually paint it, but I entered "beast mode" (to steal a phrase from Erin) and managed to get it finished a tiny bit early. That allowed more time to play around with it digitally and give Samantha a few more options. In the end they decided to go with the black and white rose on the Kindle, but the original was actually in color. Here he is in all his glory without text: 


::UPDATE:: Check out my interview about the cover at the Melville House blog!

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