Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Thursday Recap

Sorry for the long absence in posts.  Benjamin Benjamin asked me to fill out their Susan Lucci tribute mini-show, debuting Sept 15th, and I've been rushing to get something done. Anyway, I went out this First Thursday and there were some great things I felt compelled to share.

Blue is Always Stronger,  Jude Buffum

As always, Benjamin Benjamin had a great group show, this time celebrating the time wasting glory of video games. Great work by Shannon Larson, John Padlo and a perfect zelda inspired print by Jude Buffum (above). Blue Sky had some moving, albeit depressing, photos from Dana Popa, chronicling the victims of human trafficking in Europe. And even the Everett Station lofts had some great work, including an upside down robot and a video of a naked lady making herself into a green screen. Neat!

But my "I love it so much its actually inspiring me to get back to work" award goes to the show at Benjamin Benjamin's neighbor gallery, Gigantic. Brook Cashbaugh's ( paintings are unique, totally unexpected and the life size portraits on hanging sheets of mylar are absolutely incredible. Just the right amount of detail and the perfect use of color. Unfortunately, pictures don't them them justice. You HAVE to see them in person to experience them legitimately.  Here is the show card:

Anyway, that about wraps it up. I was really impressed by the amount of good work being shown in Portland this month. Even though the economy is a crap-hole, its great to see people pushing through it and making art. Yay Art!

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