Friday, June 28, 2013

ShogunTK Awesomeness (updated)

I've been a big fan of Ashley Wood's art for some time, so when I just recently found out he made toys under the brand ThreeA, I freaked out. I have no idea how I didn't know this earlier (probably because I'm more of a bookstore guy than interwebber) but I quickly spent much of my moneyz buying what I could before my bank account yelled at me. My first purchase (back in December) was the Tomorrow King SHOGUN Gorei, but because it was a preorder, it just arrived yesterday. Because I am a nerd, I started taking photos:

Yes, that is a pig skull.

'lectric death cords?

The sword has a sheath!

Then I realized I had a test painting I did awhile ago that would work as a perfect background:

After about 10 shots I realized the light direction was reversed..hehe
Rotated my photo shoot and finally got this one, which I think is pretty badass.
I did these in low natural light with a bit of adjustment in RAW, but they came out pretty decent. Anyway, I'm no toy expert, but Gorei (thats his name I guess) is awesome and my 12-year-old self is very happy. That is all.

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