Monday, February 18, 2013

The Pony Club Round Up

This is a bit late, but here are some photos from The Pony Club show. The actual night of the show was packed, but unfortunately I forgot batteries for the camera, so these photos are from a lazy Saturday afternoon instead.  I posted these on Facebook already, but seeing as how Facebook is, indeed, the worst, I figured I'd post them here too. Enjoy!

My portrit of Ian next to his of me.
The rest of the wall.


And More!
I always love group shows, especially ones like this where everyone is working with similar subject matter. The range of styles and skills is just plain impressive, and it's cool to see each artist's point of view. I recommend you go see the show in person, but if you can't, you can check out some of the other artists' work here.

Anyway, I have another show coming up soon so I should go get back to work and get off the interwebz. I'll keep you posted!

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